Professional Nursing Services provides assistance to patients throughout Southeastern Michigan. Our staff of health care providers are expertly trained. We are committed to promoting improved health and independence to our patients by helping to create a healing environment while maintaining dignity and respect.

Our services include:

Skilled nursing

  • Evaluate the condition of our patients and the factors affecting their health.
  • Teach our patients and their caregivers how to manage illness and prevent complications.
  • Provide teaching about the disease process and medication management.
  • Report to doctor any important and/or abnormal findings regarding you or your loved ones medical condition.

Occupational Therapy

  • Help our patients regain everyday living skills such as bathing, dressing, feeding and toileting.
  • Help our patients and their caregivers learn new and safer ways to manage household chores.

Physical Therapy

  • Help our patients achieve maximum independence and safety in their homes.
  • Develop an exercise program to help patients recover.
  • Strengthen muscles to reduce falls and injuries and improve balance.

Home Health Aide

  • Follow a plan for personal plan of care developed by the nurse or therapist.
  • Provide short-term personal care (bathing, dressing, shampooing, toileting, light housekeeping, light meal preparation) while patients are regaining their strength and independence.

Respite Care

  • Evaluate the condition of our patients and the factors affecting their health.
  • Allowing the caregiver a break in caring for their loved one.

Medical Social Worker

  • Provide information on long-term care options such as assisted living
  • Suggest community programs and resources to help the patient and caregiver with financial issues such as home repairs, utility bills, medical equipment, referrals for housing options, transportation, and extra help with prescription medication and coverage assistance.

Speech and Language Therapy

  • Help our patients regain communication and memory skills if they have difficulty talking, understanding, reading, writing or thinking after illness or injury.
  • Teach our patients to swallow safely and make dietary recommendations if they frequently choke when eating or drinking fluids.

When you are in need of therapy, daily assistance, nursing care or other health care services, our staff of professional health care providers are here to help. Our staff have
a sincere commitment to providing optimal health care. Contact us at Professional Nursing Services today to find out how we can help you, your loved one, or someone you care about.